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Get Fascia Fit

We all know that beauty is more than skin deep. But how deep exactly? Well, the answer may well be around 2mm below the skins surface. Beauty's latest obsession? The fascia.

What are fascia? These are sheets of fibrous connective tissue that run throughout the body linking muscles, blood vessels, bones, organs and nerves. It's pretty much like clingfilm that holds everything together and where it should be. It offers support and prevents friction during movement. Think of an orange and how each segment has that transparent layer of 'skin' - it's kind of like that.

The fascia lie underneath the skin and above the muscle. It also has ten times as many sensory receptors as muscles, so its deeply connected to our overall bodily function.

The ageing process, and our more sedentary desk-bound lifestyles, can cause our fascia to change from a healthy, fluid-like structure to one that is rigid and almost sticky. Evidence suggests that fascia can be damaged through both physical and mental impact.

Studies and scientific research have also shown a direct correlation between our fascia and health and well-being.

"There are many little muscles in our faces (43 muscles to be exact!), that contract and strain themselves to make hundreds of daily facial expressions. These muscles work harder as we age, and this eventually contributes to our skins ageing. A holistic approach of regular myofacial massage release can help to stretch, remodel, lengthen and relax the muscles and fascia. Restoring optimal circulation and lymph drainage can help to soften lines, and allow the skin to appear plump and radiant. The results are more subtle than botox, and with many healing modalities. Botox is a much quicker fix, and an excellent option to compliment facial fascia massage," says Dr Alex Cornell.

Massaging the facial fascia stimulates the blood circulation to bring fresh oxygen and nutrients to the area, and lymphatic drainage to detoxify. Completing the sequence, the tissues are sculpting and soothed. These specialised massage techniques are firming, lifting, toning, reduces lines, prevents congestion and gives the skin a glow from within. Essentially stimulating skin cell metabolism.

Fascia is 'thixotropic' meaning it can elongate and reset into its former and favourable position, allowing us to contour the face.

So essentially, it's not just what we apply to our skins, it's how we apply it. Think of it as face fitness!

Traditional facials always included a luxurious face, neck and décolleté massage. As chemical peels and needling have become the essential monthly go-to treatment, the pampering 'massage' side of things seems to have been a little forgotten. Fear not! At Lucent Skin and Beauty, we have been researching some extra proven and specialised massage techniques and new devices to offer a Signature Fascia Facial. This will soon be added to our treatment menu.

But, the good news is that you can also do this at home!

It's always recommended to start with a good skin cleanse, and to choose an effective massage medium. Some clients choose to rather incorporate these techniques into their daily cleansing routine or serum application to save on time.

Your own hands and a rose quartz roller are the perfect combination! (Regular Rose Quartz Roller R570 * NEW Vibrating Rose Quartz Roller for extra tissue stimulation R950)

See the Instagram video to see how to do this. @lucentskinandbeauty

Our two key favourite massage mediums include the One Skin Omega Tissue Oil (30ml R350), and RegimA's Active Facial Oil (100ml R520). I personally love the RegimA Active Facial Oil as it is jam-packed full of anti-ageing ingredients.

There's nothing quite like the hands of an experienced therapist to do this for you, but your skin will really thank you for adding this to your home routine!

Remember, 20% of your skin condition is inherited, whilst 80% is determined by how you look after your skin.

Invest in your skin. It's going to represent you for a long time.

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