Salon Operations during Covid-19

If you are planning to book an appointment, or have already booked one, we require you to please read through all the below information.


Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, our systems and procedures have changed slightly:


We have a viewpoint of ‘Protect Me. Protect You.’ 


As a business, we want to keep all our staff and clients as safe as possible, whilst providing a relaxing and professional environment to offer all our services.


We require all clients entering our space to confirm they have read and agree with the below requirements:


I confirm that I am fully aware that the COVID-19 virus is contagious and could be carried by people that are asymptomatic.  I am also aware that the virus is spread by droplets and therefore agree to wear a mask at all times whilst I am in the salon. (unless during a facial treatment) 

I consent to applying sanitiser to my hands, and my temperature being taken upon entry to the salon.


I understand that salon services by nature require close physical contact. I therefore confirm that I am not suffering from any flu like symptoms, fever, dry cough, headaches, sore throat, shortness of breath or loss of taste/smell.  I also confirm that I have not been infected with the Coronavirus or been in contact with anyone infected with the virus in the last 14 days.  I can also confirm that if I have travelled outside of SA or within SA during the last 14 days, I have taken the necessary measures to protect myself and follow guidelines.


Based on all the above information, I consent to having the services that I have requested at the salon. I consent to the staff member booked to perform my services.


PLEASE CAREFULLY READ BELOW the measures our salon has put in place to prevent COVID-19 contamination:


1. All staff will wear masks at all times. They may also wear face shields.


2. Many services will be performed with gloves.


3. Sanitiser will be applied to clients hands upon entry to the salon and before touching any products. 


4. We will use a thermometer to take your temperature.


5. One client may enter the front door at a time. 


6. We will not have any magazines or newspapers or any flyers of any type.


7. We will have protective screens put up for all manicure services.


8. We will practice social distancing where possible, so hugging will be virtual for the time being :)


9. There will be no refreshments available. Perhaps bring your own water bottle?


10. We ask that only credit cards, snapscan, or eft payments (done before leaving the salon) are made as we would prefer to not handle any cash at this time.


11. We are allowing appropriate time between appointments to effectively sanitise the common areas, treatment rooms or salon space used.


12. We will be replacing all used towels between each client. We will also be introducing disposable paper towel and other methods to manage extra laundry during this time.


13. We will not make use of gowns or slippers during this time.


14. We will have protective screens at the reception counter.


15. Working areas will be equipped with sanitiser for staff to sanitise equipment and surfaces before and after all services.


16. We will make use of paper towels and/or disposable hand towels.


17. Treatment rooms will open windows and doors where possible.

18. By appointment only. No walk ins or guests to accompany clients. 

19. Important - for facial appointments: Clients will remove their masks once in the treatment room only. Clients will be given a hydrogen peroxide mouthwash to use just prior to the appointment. Dentists are also using this to further reduce any risk of virus transmission. 


We ask our clients to please leave additional handbags/coats/items not needed in the salon in their cars or at home. Please bring just the essentials you need.